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Log Inspector

Log Inspector is a convenient way to quickly plot Inertial Sense PPD logs that of of the .dat format. The source code is in the SDK and can be modified and expanded.


The CLTool can be used to load and replay .dat log files. The source code for the CLTool is located in the SDK and can be expanded by a user to analyze log data.

  • -rp PATH replay data log from specified path
  • -rs=SPEED replay data log at x SPEED

The following example replays data at 1x speed from the specified directory.

cltool -rp IS_logs/20180801_222310

The following example will replay data as fast a possible in quiet mode (without printing to the screen). This is useful to quickly reprocess the data.

cltool -rp IS_logs/20180801_222310 -rs=0 -q

3rd Party Software

The various file types described in the overview section can be analyzed using various software packages. Matlab, Python, and Excel are popular choices and are well suited for Inertial Sense data logs.