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Platform Configuration

The DID_FLASH_CONFIG.platformConfig allows for specification of the IMX carrier board type and configuration settings. This is important and helpful for configuring I/O specific to the platform (carrier board). Values for the Platform Config are specified in the enum ePlatformConfig in the SDK data_sets.h.

Platform Type

The platform config type can be set through the EvalTool General Settings and GPS Settings tabs. Setting the Platform Config type through the EvalTool acts as a convenience preset that automatically sets the GPS source, type, and timepulse pin selection for the selected platform.

Platform Selection

I/O Presets

The pin assignments on the RUG-3 are software configurable using the PLATFORM_CFG_PRESET_MASK bits of the DID_FLASH_CONFIG.platformConfig. The PLATFORM_CFG_TYPE must be set to one of the RUG-3 types to enable the I/O Presets configuration on the RUG-3. The RUG-3 main connector pin numbers are listed in parenthesis in the I/O Preset.

RUG-3 I/O Presets