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Data Logging Example Project

This ISLoggerExample project demonstrates data logging with the InertialSense products (IMX, uAHRS, and uIMU) using the Inertial Sense SDK.


Project Files

SDK Files


Step 1: Add Includes

// Change these include paths to the correct paths for your project
#include "../../src/InertialSense.h"

Step 2: Instantiate InertialSense class

    // InertialSense class wraps communications and logging in a convenient, easy to use class
    InertialSense inertialSense(dataCallback);
    if (!inertialSense.Open(argv[1]))
        std::cout << "Failed to open com port at " << argv[1] << std::endl;

Step 3: Enable data logger

    // get log type from command line
    cISLogger::eLogType logType = (argc < 3 ? cISLogger::eLogType::LOGTYPE_DAT : cISLogger::ParseLogType(argv[2]));
    inertialSense.SetLoggerEnabled(true, "", logType);

Step 4: Enable data broadcasting

    // broadcast the standard set of post processing messages (ins, imu, etc.)

    // instead of the rmc preset (real-time message controller) you can request individual messages...
    // inertialSense.BroadcastBinaryData(DID_IMU, 6); // (startupNavDtMs default)

By default, data logs will be stored in the "IS_logs" directory in the current directory.


Compile & Run (Linux/Mac)

  1. Create build directory
    cd InertialSenseSDK/ExampleProjects/Logger
    mkdir build
  2. Run cmake from within build directory
    cd build
    cmake ..
  3. Compile using make
  4. If necessary, add current user to the "dialout" group in order to read and write to the USB serial communication ports:
    sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER
    sudo usermod -a -G plugdev $USER
    (reboot computer)
  5. Run executable
    ./ISLoggerExample /dev/ttyUSB0

Compile & Run (Windows MS Visual Studio)

  1. Install and Configure Visual Studio
  2. Open Visual Studio solution file (InertialSenseSDK\ExampleProjects\Logger\VS_project\InertialSenseCLTool.sln)
  3. Build (F7)
  4. Run executable
    C:\InertialSenseSDK\ExampleProjects\Logger\VS_project\Release\ISLoggerExample.exe COM3


This section has covered the basic functionality you need to set up and communicate with Inertial Sense products. If this doesn't cover everything you need, feel free to reach out to us on the Inertial Sense SDK GitHub repository, and we will be happy to help.