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Software Release 1.8.7 - 14 July 2022



The µINS GPS aided Inertial Navigation System, µAHRS Attitude Heading Reference System, and the µIMU Inertial Measurement Unit monitor many different types of measurements including rotation, acceleration, GPS position, magnetic flux density, pressure and velocity. The Inertial Sense SDK provides a software interface to allow communication with the device including setting configuration options, retrieving specific data, and listening for data broadcasts.

μIMU, μAHRS, and μINS

The μIMU™ is a miniature calibrated sensor module consisting of an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), magnetometer, barometer, and L1 GPS (GNSS) receiver. Data out includes angular rate, linear acceleration, magnetic field, barometric altitude, and GPS WGS84 geo-position. All systems include a comprehensive sensor calibration for bias, scale-factor, and cross-axis alignment, minimizing manufacturing variation and maximizing system performance.

The μAHRS™ is an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) that includes all functionality of the μIMU™ and fuses IMU and magnetometer data to estimate roll, pitch, and heading.

The μINS™ is a GPS (GNSS) aided inertial navigation system (GPS-INS) module that includes all functionality of the μIMU™ and provides orientation, velocity, and position. Sensor data from MEMs gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, barometric pressure, and GPS/GNSS is fused to provide optimal measurement estimation.

The patented package is smaller than 3 stacked dimes and fits into most industrial and commercial application designs.


  • Up to 1KHz IMU Update Rate
  • Attitude (Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Quaternions, DCM), Velocity, and Position (LLA, ECEF, NED)UTC Time Synchronized
  • Dual Redundant IMUs Calibrated for Bias, Scale Factor, and Cross-Axis Alignment
  • Coning & Sculling Integrals (Δ theta, Δ velocity)
  • Barometric Pressure and Humidity
  • u-Blox L1 GPS (GNSS) Receiver
  • -40°C to 85°C Temperature Compensation
  • Configurable Binary and NMEA ASCII Protocol
  • Strobe In/Out Data Sync (Camera Shutter Event)
  • Fast Integration using SDK and Example Software
  • Data Logging (SDK and Application Software)
  • Miniature Surface Mount Package:
    • 16.5 x 12.6 x 4.6 mm, 1.3 grams


Module EVB 1.x EVB 2.x Rugged 1.0
USB Yes Yes Yes Yes
TTL/UART Yes Yes Yes Yes
RS232/RS422/RS485 No Yes Yes Yes
CAN Yes Yes Yes Yes
SPI Yes Yes Yes No
Integrated XBee Radio (RTK) No No Yes (Option) No
WiFi/BTLE No No Yes No
GPS Antenna Ports (Dual=Compassing) Dual (Option) Single Dual (Option) Dual (Option)


  • Drone Navigation
  • Unmanned Vehicle Payloads
  • Stabilized Platforms
  • Antenna and Camera Pointing
  • First Responder and Personnel Tracking
  • Pedestrian and Auto Outdoor / Indoor Navigation
  • Health, Fitness, and Sport Monitors
  • Hand-held Devices
  • Robotics and Ground Vehicles
  • Maritime


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