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Reflow Soldering

Use of "No Clean" soldering paste is recommended as it does not require cleaning after the soldering process. The following examples of paste meet these criteria.

Solder Details
Soldering Paste OM338 SAC405 / Nr.143714 (Cookson Electronics)
Allow Specification Sn 95.5/ Ag 4/ Cu 0.5 (95.5% Tin/ 4% Silver/ 0.5% Copper)
Melting temperatures 217 °C


Phase Name Recommended Details
dT/dt 3°C/sec Preheat Temperature Rise Rate
TsMIN 150°C Preheat Minimum Temperature
TsMAX 200°C Preheat Maximum Temperature
tsPreheat 60 - 120 sec Time Spent Between Preheat MIN and Max temperatures
TL 217°C Reflow Liquidus temperatures
TP 245°C Reflow Peak temperatures
tL 40-60 sec Time Spent above Reflow Liquidus temperatures
dT/dt 4°C/sec Maximum Cooling Temperature Fall Rate


A convection soldering oven is highly recommended over an infrared type radiation oven as it allows precision control of the temperature and all parts will be heated evenly.


The IMX should be located on the topside of a PCB during reflow to avoid falling off.

Care should be taken to not disturb the components on the IMX during reflow as the solder on the IMX will also reflow.

The part must not be soldered with a damp heat process.