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Using uBlox SBAS corrections

The uBlox F9P receivers can be configured to enable the SBAS corrections constelations

Firmware update

SBAS corrections require a later version of F9P firmware. Use FW version HPG 1.32 from the F9P downloads page on the uBlox site. To update the firmware on the F9P, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Inertial Sense EvalTool
  2. Navigate to the Data Sets tab. Open DID_SYS_CMD from the sidebar (see the image below)
  3. Set command to 11 and invCommand to -12 to enable passthrough to GNSS1 (set 12 and -13 for GNSS2)
  4. Close the serial port (Settings tab)
  5. Open the device in uBlox u-center (u-center 22.07)
  6. Update the firmware in u-center per u-blox instructions. Baudrate should be set to 921600.

Configuration of the F9P

With the uBlox 1.32 firmware installed on the F9P SBAS can be enabled using the standard constelation selection methods described in the GNSS Constelations page.