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System Configuration

See the Binary Protocol page for descriptions of each flash configuration value and enumeration bit values.

Serial Port Baud Rates

UART standard baud rates available on the IMX are: 921600, 460800, 230400, 115200, 57600, 38400, 19200. When operating within the standard baud rate range (<= 921600 bps), only these specific baud rates can be used. Non-standard high speed baud rates (>921600) listed in the following section allow for arbitary custom baud rates.

High Speed Baud Rates

Non-standard high speed UART baud rates (>921600 bps) can be set to arbitrary values up to 10 Mbps. Due to hardware limitations, the applied baud rate will be rounded to the closest available baud rate and reported back via the DID_FLASH_CONFIG.serXBaudRate parameter.

Baud Rate Configuration

The IMX baud rate can be manually set by changing the following flash configuration parameters:

Configuration Description
DID_FLASH_CONFIG.ser0BaudRate baud rate for IMX serial port 0
DID_FLASH_CONFIG.ser1BaudRate baud rate for IMX serial port 1
DID_FLASH_CONFIG.ser2BaudRate baud rate for IMX serial port 2

These parameters can be changed using the EvalTool or the CLTool. The following examples show how the EvalTool and CLtool can be used to set the IMX serial port 1 baud rate to 460,800 bps.

EvalTool -> Data Sets -> DATA_FLASH_CONFIG.ser1BaudRate = 460800

cltool -c COM# -flashConfig=ser0BaudRate=460800