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UART Interface

The IMX has different UART TTL serial ports. These serial ports can be converted from TTL to RS232 or RS422 using a level converter, such as found on the Rugged, EVB-1, and EVB-2 carrier boards.

Actual Baud Rates - UART (Serial 0 and Serial 2)

The serial ports use different peripherals so the actual baud rates of the ports differ. Serial ports 0 and 2 are UART and Serial 1 is USART.

Due to UART hardware integer rounding on the IMX serial ports 0 and 2, the following table outlines the difference between desired and actual UART baud rate settings. Note that the difference is more significant at higher baud rates. Actual baudrates for the uINS-3 are shown in the following table.

Desired Baud Rate (bps) uINS-3 Baud Rate (bps)
19200 19211
38400 38422
57600 57870
115200 115740
230400 234375
460800 468750
921600 937500
3000000 3125000